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Have you ever had those dreams of quitting your job in style?

The dreams where you tell your boss to shove it, knock over some pot plants, throw documents in the air and proudly strut out of the office with your middle finger raised shouting LONG, SUCKERS! fantasise about it is one thing but to go through with it is just plain legendary.

Former design and typesetter Luke Benge left his mark on the magazine by switching the cover of what was meant to be a picture of UK band The Kaiser Chiefs, with a line drawing of himself (junk and all) with the headline BITCHES. It Been Real stamped across the front.

A good friend of Benge Oliver Palmer confirmed on his blog the switcheroo was a pure hijacking, also stating Benge relocated to New York the day before the issue was released.

Now whether you a fan of full frontal fake nudity or not, I think we can all agree this is probably not the best way to part with an ex employer, but by god is it funny. While most publications would find this kind of thing disturbing, Beat took it with a grain of salt, admitting they been got, and sent Benge their well wishes.

I think it great that Patrick Carr (Beat publisher) and everyone else at the popular street magazine have shown they too have a sense of humour but I wonder if they had no choice but to react this way?

I mean, when you think about it if you caught with your pants down, do you kick and scream and cry? No, you pick up your slacks, make an awkward laugh or joke, and try to remove the beetroot like stains from your cheeks.

My point is, if Beat had made an uproar about Benge farewell, they would have been just like every other dry, stale publication, and would not be upholding their street savvy, youth oriented reputation.

Also, without sounding too patriotic the Australian sense of humour stands out from other countries because we know how to laugh at our own expense. If Beat had taken Benge stunt too seriously, the public wouldn understand why they couldn take a joke.

I guess deep down inside us all there is a little 10 year old that finds potty humour hilarious.

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Dated: May 08 2012

The Beat cover switch is a brilliant example of social media power within a few hours, the story had spread like wildfire most of Melbourne were talking about it.

I do wonder whether the stunt was entirely unbeknownst to Beat. It amazing the lengths that a brand will go to today to get their product in front of the masses.

That being said, if they truly weren aware as you suggest, their response was right on the money.

There nothing to be embarrassed about when your previously niche publication is now a household name I sure sales went through the roof last week!

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