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Living with an Inoperable Tumor

Harry Axelrod has lived a life full of family, travel, and adventure over the last 97 years. He recalls,  started traveling as soon as we could afford it and we been a lot of places. in 1993, Harry feared it might all change. An MRI showed that he had a tumor in his neck that could impact his spinal cord with any growth.

But knowing surgery at Harry age could create other challenges, Dr. Kliot opted to monitor the tumor. After multiple MRIs revealed the it was not growing, they solidified their plan to not intervene, but rather check up on it annually.

Dr. Kliot says, can live with a problem and live in a way that it doesn hinder their life. But you have to do it in a very intelligent way. And Harry has been very vigilant. Harry agrees, it an ideal plan. I get older people used to say, what your secret? I say it very simple. Get yourself a good doctor. that not Harry only advice when it comes to worrying, should I worry? I 97 years old. I had a very interesting life, so there is no point. You may not be your scoop.

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